What is the Best Practice to add multiple Instagram Account?

Using Bleupage pro you can add up to 50 accounts but the best thing is to add one account a time. Just dont rush.


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    Sam Bralley

    I have followed training videos to a 'T' for 3 days and can NOT add either Instagram account.

    I can only add 1 Pinterest account and only 1 Google+ account.

    thought I was missing part of the program, but found I might need to purchase another OTO - but if I can't get this to work so far, why would I invest in additional OTO...?

    Please advise...;)


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    Jodi Broker

    I am having the same problem


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    Im having the same prob...I cant add my IG, hubbys or my one client.

    it keeps telling me to prove its me and then after jumping thru the hoops to prove to IG it really is me..I click the button to add IG and nothing

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